Depressive Art - The story so far
Depressive Art is a garage rock´n roll band with great inspiration from late 60s. The band was founded in februari 2003 by the singer Klas Bohlin and the guitarist Joakim Adriansson. Soon after Depressive Art became a real band and entered the studio to record their first demo. Later on they signed a publishing deal with Misty Music (swe) who started to promote Depressive Arts material for the record labels. Then suddenly after a gig at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg in november 2005 Wonderland Records discover the band and signing them on the 4:th of mars 2006. The debut album "Bye bye, dear everything" was released during a successfull and sold out release party at Sticky Fingers (top-floor) the 17:th of February 2007.

Everything you always wanted to know about us
(but were afraid to ask)

- Why Depressive Art? Are you guys really down?
“Depressive” and “Art” are big words telling small stories. The word “depressive” reflects the melancholy that can be heard throughout our music. We are by no means depressive guys, but we have a very special relationship to melancholy when it comes to fill our music with attitude and strong emotions. We belive that this creative process is a form of “art”.

- What’s so great about the 60s, that you always keep talking about?
The 60s was a very special period of time. A lot changed during that decade. It was a time where extremes contrasted each other. Devastating wars between powerful men on one side, great protest actions and flower power on the other. The music that emerged from this furious climate reflects a lot of attitude, nerve and cutting edge. In general this was also a very creative period with many new bands with totaly new ideas and sound. The 60s were boiling with true devotion and whenever you hear a guitar riff by Jimi Hendrix you will know that it’s for real.

- But you weren’t even born in the 60s...
No, that’s why we book our journeys through the best time-travel agency in Sweden, Studio Mega. They took us to Woodstock, through the melancholic american desert and to some really groovy record shops in Britain. We just brought the experience back and put it on tape.

- What are your lyrics about? Are you a political band?
We try to keep politics out of our lyrics. There are too many great political lyricists that have said everything there is to be said. Instead we try to tell small stories about the different states of mind that we’ve been through while writing our material. This could be anything from a great love story to a rock´n roll party.

- What is your source to inspiration?
Feelings, love, tears, joy, alcohol and long jam-sessions. If you mix these ingredients together in a drink it will taste like Depressive Art. Mostly we try to capture the feelings of a present state of mind when we play together. As mentioned above we have a special relation to the 60s. We have a singer who sometimes reminds of Morrison, so the Doors is the
obvious paralell.We also love the Rolling Stones, The Who, Love, the Kinks, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, MC5, the Byrds etc and some from the first garage-wave. We do not only listen to music from the 60s. Check out the band section for more info about the individual taste of music of each member.
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- What makes Depressive Art special?
It´s hard to put the finger on what it is, but we still keep hearing that we have something original while mixing melancholy and the late 60s. We also have a highly original lead singer whom you will recognize whenever you’ll hear him. We are six musicians with backgrounds in the most unexpected types of music and from all over the world. Our lead guitar player started off by playing songs in Bosnian cafés during the burning war in the early 90s, while our singer released gothic albums and toured all over europe with Beseech.

- Why should I buy your album?
If you are into garage rock´n roll with a touch of the late 60s we have right album for you. If we can´t convince you, maybe the review section can. » Read the reviews.

- Where can I get the album?
As an underground band our music will probably never reach the big masses. The main territory for our record label is Sweden. The easiest way is to go directly through Wonderland Records. For more info: » How to buy our records

- I want to book Depressive Art, what do you charge?
You are more than welcome to send us an offer. Please send an email to