Klas Bohlin

E-Mail: klas@depressiveart.com

Born: On the 20:th of februari, 1976.

Civil status: Occupied

Occupation: Works at an advertising & communication agency with graphic design.

Listens to: Kiss, Led Zepellin, Bo Hansson, Pink Floyd, Blond, Tages, Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Love, the Cult, Black Sabbath, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, the Doors, Anna Ternheim, Lisa Ekdahl, the Hollies, Kyuss, Gene Clark, Ennio Morricone, Isolation Years, Dungen, Roky Erickson, 13 floor elevators, Big Elf, Björn Olsson, Jefferson Airplane, The four tops, We + many others.

Watches: B-movies with cheap explosion effects. I also enjoy the more expensive explosions in movies like Star Wars, and of course a good ”blow job”:-)

Source of inspirations: Women and wine! In deeper depressions with broken heart I prefer a bottle of red wine. Turning Leaf or Casillero del Diablo are perhaps my two favourites. I also enjoy peaceful evenings and a cup of tea by my piano.

Favourite food: A nice dinner is probably the best in life, a steak with a good wine is the best.

Musical background: Used to play guitar and write songs for Beseech, 3 albums and one european tour. Me, Micke and Jonas in Beseech also had a stooner band called Spectral Flowers, very groovie!

Drinks: Beer, long drinks (in any color) and wine.

Interests: Vinyl Records (Kiss from the early days), song writing and party.

Play also in: Besides Depressive Art I write some emotional acustic stuff on my own. When this music will see the light of day I don´t know. I have also written instrumental organ music as a soundtrack for the artist Thomas Whalström, something that we have planned to do more of in the future. This music can be compared with Bo Hansson and Ennio Morricone.