Sanjin Pejkovic

Born: 1978

Civil Status: Deeply in love with the apple of my eye, Ivana, “girl with the moon”.

Occupation: I work as Film/Media coordinator in Kungsbacka. I’m also a guest lecturer on University of Gothenburg, mostly teaching East- and Central European film. Work sporadically as a film critic on a local radio station in Gothenburg.

Books: I read a lot at the moment, film theory related books, articles, magazines and novels. Favourite writers at this moment are Paul Auster, Ray Bradbury (great visionary with incredible and poetic language) Milan Kundera, Danilo Kis, Franz Kafka, Aleksandar Hemon (that man is going to get Nobel award, trust me). I love Alan Ford and Marti Misterija because those comics make me nostalgic and melancholic in some way… I learned to read and write with help of comics and although I don’t read that kind of literature so often, I kinda feel like going back in time when reading about great adventures of my early heroes…

Music: Well, this is so hard… The band I’m listening to right now, Östblocket, are marvellous. Tages (Christian introduced me to their fantastic music from mid 60-es and I’m very grateful for that) have been favourites for quite a long time. I adore Nina Simone, she was one of a kind. Erik Satie, French composer is one of my recent favourites, an eccentric musician from beginning of last century. His melancholic melodies will always have a special place in my heart. Some of the groups and artists that I must mention: Tom Waits, Miles Davis, Azra, Balasevic, Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Beatles, Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra and so on…

Films: Yeah, this is even harder. I’m a movie geek and movies are my profession so it will take a while for me to write down all my favourites… (half an hour later) Right, here is the list, it’s not perfect, but it will do. Those of you who want to add or remove some of the titles may discuss the list in Skål, Depressive arts official favourite place in Gothenburg… Movies I love for different reasons:
À bout de souffle (Godard)
Smultronstället (Bergman)
Stalker (Tarkovskij)
Taxi Driver (Scorsese)
Husbands (Cassavetes)
Horí, má panenko (Milos Forman)
Code inconnu (Michael Haneke)
Sedmikrasky (Vera Chytilová)
Czlowiek z marmuru (Andrzej Wajda)
Touch of evil (Orson Welles)
Chong qing sen lin (Wong Kar Wai)
Ultimo tango a Parigi (Bernardo Bertolucci)
Some like it hot (Billy Wilder)
The big sleep (Howard Hawks)
His girl Friday (Howard Hawks)
Bob le flambeur (Melville)
Satiemania (Zdenko Gasparovic)
Almost everything by Woody Allen, Federico Fellini and Marx brothers.
There are some great ex Yugoslav directors as well. My favourites are Babaja, Petrovic, Makavejev, Sijan, Paskaljevic and recently Pjer Zalica.
I also have a peculiar fascination for more or less obscure propaganda-related films, documentaries, cartoons and comics… I told you I was a movie geek, don’t complain over my list!

I hate: isms and ideologies that turn people against each other. Hate could be a strong word but I really don’t like ignorance. Ignorance is a very big problem in modern world and we have to fight it. Greed is another thing we have to win over. I hate Helmut Loti as well…

I love: Cold beer in Skål and a whole lot of other things. I love being on stage with Depressive art and playing for enthusiastic crowd. I love learning new things and hang out with people that I respect. I love Ivana when she looks at me with her big eyes… Cheesy I know, but hey, that’s life… I love basketball, I grew up in 80-s when giants like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Karem-Abdul Jabaar, Isiah Thomas dominated my world…

That would be everything from me, cheers!