Torbjörn Georgsson

Born: 1980

History: Many years ago, in 1980, a little boy was born in a small village. There was much rejoycing and celebration.

Civil status: Is a free man!

Occupation: Project teacher

Music: Listens recently to: Jack Johnson, Whitestripes, Soundtrack of our lives, Black Sabbath, Gumbo, Willie Crawford, Turbonegro, Neil Young, Morrissey, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Laleh.

A really exciting TV-show about running horses – V75!
Watches the Christmas calendar with great passion
And…Sports, movies and documentaries.

A list!
1. Life
2. Music
3. A really cold beer on a hot summer's day!
4. A good movie (Big Fish, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Sin City)
5. A good whisky!
6. When Sanjin gets goosebumps by drinking a luke-warm beer (he liked it)
7. Festivals
8. Åby – Don't make me explain.
9. The Bed
10. Ballsports championships on TV